The bretons

Origins and Biology:

Bretons are a human-elf hybrid race, often referred to as “Manmer” due to their mixed ancestry. They are descendants of the intermingling of Nedic humans and Aldmer (High Elves). This unique heritage gives them a blend of human and elven traits, including a talent for magic.

High Rock:

High Rock is the ancestral homeland of the Bretons, and it is known for its diversity in geography and culture. The province is a patchwork of small kingdoms, city-states, and fiefdoms, each with its own unique customs and traditions. The political landscape of High Rock is often marked by feuds, alliances, and shifting loyalties among its many noble houses.

Culture and Society:

Breton culture is a vibrant tapestry of influences from their Nedic, Elven, and Nordic heritage. They are known for their creativity, artistic talents, and a deep appreciation for magic. Many Bretons are skilled mages and are adept at spellcasting, enchanting, and alchemy.


The Bretons predominantly follow the Eight Divines, a pantheon of gods and goddesses commonly revered throughout the Empire of Tamriel. However, there are regional variations in their religious practices, and some Bretons also worship local deities.

Covenant of Daggerfall:

The Covenant of Daggerfall is a political and military alliance formed by the Bretons of High Rock, the Redguards of Hammerfell, and the Orcs (Orsimer) of Orsinium. It was created to provide mutual protection against external threats and has played a significant role in the politics of the region.

Magic and Mysticism:

Bretons have a strong affinity for magic. This magical aptitude is often attributed to their elven ancestry. The Bretons have produced many powerful mages and enchanters throughout Tamriel’s history. Some believe that their mixed heritage has given them a unique connection to the magical forces of the world.

Historical Interactions:

Bretons have been involved in various historical conflicts and alliances. Their close proximity to the Orcs has sometimes led to tensions and wars, while their relations with the Redguards have seen both periods of cooperation and strife. High Rock has also been subject to invasions by other Tamrielic powers, including the Nords of Skyrim and the Imperials of Cyrodiil.

In summary, the Bretons are a versatile and complex race with a rich cultural and political history. Their unique heritage, a blend of human and elven blood, has resulted in a deep connection to magic and an ability to adapt to the dynamic political landscape of High Rock. The Bretons add depth and diversity to The Elder Scrolls lore and are known for their role as talented spellcasters and diplomats.