The high elfs

Origins and Biology:

The High Elves, or Altmer, are one of the original elven races, descendants of the ancient Aldmer. They are known for their tall, elegant stature and fair, golden-skinned appearance. High Elves have a natural talent for magic and are considered among the most magically gifted of all the races in Tamriel.

Summerset Isles:

The Summerset Isles, or Alinor, is the ancestral homeland of the High Elves. This archipelago is a land of stunning beauty and immense cultural significance to the Altmer. The capital city, Alinor, is an architectural marvel, characterized by its gleaming white towers.

Culture and Society:

High Elf society is highly structured and hierarchical. The Altmer value artistic and intellectual pursuits, and they hold a deep appreciation for aesthetics and perfection. The highest authority in their society is the Thalmor, a powerful and influential organization that governs the Summerset Isles.


High Elves primarily worship the Aedra, a pantheon of divine beings that includes gods like Auri-El and Trinimac. They have their own unique religious traditions and festivals that celebrate their connection to the divine.

Magic and the Psijic Order:

High Elves have a natural affinity for magic. They are skilled in various magical disciplines, including spellcasting, enchanting, and alchemy. The Psijic Order, a secretive organization of mages, originates from the Summerset Isles. They are known for their advanced knowledge of mysticism and magic.

Historical Interactions:

The High Elves have had complex historical interactions with other races and factions in Tamriel. They played a significant role in the Aldmeri Dominion, a powerful alliance formed with the Wood Elves (Bosmer) and Khajiit. The Dominion has been both a stabilizing force and a source of conflict in the broader politics of Tamriel.

The Thalmor:

The Thalmor is a prominent political and religious organization within High Elf society. It has played a crucial role in various events, including the resurgence of the Aldmeri Dominion, political maneuvering in the Empire, and diplomatic conflicts with the Empire of Cyrodiil.

In summary, the High Elves, or Altmer, are a sophisticated and magically gifted race known for their deep connection to the Aedra, their beautiful homeland of the Summerset Isles, and their complex role in the politics and conflicts of Tamriel. Their culture and history add depth and intrigue to The Elder Scrolls lore.