The Orc

Origins and Transformation:

  1. Trinimac and Malacath:
    • The Orcs were originally followers of Trinimac, a powerful Aldmeri (High Elf) deity. Trinimac was the champion of the Aldmeri pantheon.
    • The Orcs’ transformation into Orsimer is linked to the events of the Velothi Exodus. Boethiah, another Daedric Prince, tricked and consumed Trinimac, corrupting him into Malacath. The followers of Trinimac were transformed into Orcs.

Society and Culture:

  1. Stronghold Life:
    • Orcs live in strongholds scattered throughout Tamriel. These strongholds are isolated, fortified communities that follow a rigid social structure.
    • The Orcs are led by a chief, and their society is militaristic and focused on honor and strength in battle.
  2. Forge-Wives and Stronghold Roles:
    • Female Orcs, known as Forge-Wives, are highly respected for their crafting skills. They play a crucial role in the strongholds’ economy.
    • Orcs take on various roles within the stronghold, such as hunters, warriors, and smiths.
  3. Code of Malacath:
    • The Orcs follow a strict code of honor known as the Code of Malacath. This code emphasizes strength, endurance, and combat prowess.
    • Weakness is not tolerated, and those who cannot uphold the code are often cast out from the stronghold.

Religion and Worship:

  1. Worship of Malacath:
    • Malacath is the Daedric Prince of the Ostracized and the Spurned. He is considered the patron deity of the Orcs, and they worship him with fervor.
    • Orcs believe that their hardships and struggles are tests from Malacath, and overcoming them proves their strength.
  2. Forging Traditions:
    • Orcs are skilled blacksmiths, and their forging traditions are highly respected. They are known for crafting powerful weapons and armor, including the famous Orcish gear.

Relations with Other Races:

  1. Marginalization and Prejudice:
    • Orcs often face prejudice and marginalization from other races. They are sometimes viewed as brutish and uncivilized, leading to isolationist tendencies among Orcish communities.
  2. Mercenaries and Adventurers:
    • Despite the challenges they face, Orcs are valued as mercenaries and adventurers due to their combat prowess and craftsmanship.

Notable Orcs:

  1. Gortwog gro-Nagorm:
    • Gortwog, a prominent Orc, established the independent Orcish state of Orsinium in the Iliac Bay region during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.
  2. Urag gro-Shub:
    • Urag is the librarian at the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. He showcases the diversity of Orcish skills and knowledge beyond just combat.

In summary, Orcs in the Elder Scrolls universe have a rich and complex history. Their transformation from followers of Trinimac to the Orcs of today, their unique societal structure, worship of Malacath, and their contributions as skilled blacksmiths make them a fascinating and integral part of Tamrielic lore.