The barkscale

Introducing a unique race forged from the mysterious depths of Black Marsh and the enchanted forests of Valenwood, we unveil the “Barkscale.”


Barkscale individuals possess a striking amalgamation of the reptilian features of Argonians and the arboreal traits of Bosmer. Their skin is adorned with tough, bark-like scales, providing them with natural armor against physical harm. Their eyes, akin to those of Argonians, gleam with a primal wisdom, while their faces exhibit the distinctive, slightly elongated structure of their lizardfolk ancestors. However, their bodies also bear a covering of fine mosses and lichens, blending seamlessly with their surroundings. They are often adorned with intricate tattoos that celebrate their dual heritage.

Speciality: Natural Camouflage and Adaptation

Camouflage Mastery: Combining the camouflage abilities of both Argonians and Bosmer, Barkscale individuals possess unparalleled skill in blending into their surroundings. Their bark-like scales and mossy coverings allow them to disappear into forests, swamps, or any other environment with astonishing ease, making them exceptional scouts and ambush predators.

Environmental Resilience: Barkscale are adept at thriving in diverse ecosystems, drawing from the Argonian’s resilience to disease and toxins and the Bosmer’s affinity with nature. They have a heightened resistance to poisons, diseases, and environmental hazards, enabling them to traverse the most inhospitable terrains with relative ease.

Fighting Style

Barkscale warriors favor a combination of guerrilla tactics and primal savagery in combat. They excel in hit-and-run tactics, using their natural camouflage to surprise foes before unleashing swift and brutal attacks. In battle, they prefer lightweight weapons such as daggers, bows, and spears, which complement their agile and stealthy fighting style.


  • Unrivaled Stealth: Barkscale individuals are masters of stealth, capable of disappearing into their surroundings with remarkable ease, making them ideal scouts, assassins, and ambush predators.
  • Adaptability: Their unique blend of Argonian resilience and Bosmer affinity with nature grants them a high degree of adaptability to various environments and combat situations.
  • Primal Connection: Barkscale have a profound connection to nature, enabling them to commune with animals, plants, and spirits in ways that few other races can.


  • Cultural Isolation: Barkscale individuals often face challenges fitting into both Argonian and Bosmer societies, leading to feelings of isolation and alienation.
  • Limited Physical Strength: While agile and stealthy, Barkscale may lack the raw physical strength of more robust races like Nords or Orcs.
  • Mystical Dilution: Despite their Bosmer lineage, Barkscale individuals may have a weaker connection to the Green Pact and the Wild Hunt, limiting their ability to harness the full extent of Bosmeri nature magic.

The Barkscale stand as a testament to the harmonious blending of two distinct cultures and environments, embodying the resilience, adaptability, and primal savagery of their ancestral roots. As they navigate the treacherous landscapes of Tamriel, they bring with them tales of stealth, cunning, and primal power that add depth and intrigue to The Elder Scrolls universe.