The Siltclaws

In the vast and intricate lore of The Elder Scrolls, a series renowned for its deep world-building and extensive history, the concept of a new race resulting from a mix between Argonians and Khajiit opens up intriguing possibilities. Let’s explore the creation of such a race, which we’ll call the “Siltclaws.”


The Siltclaws are a unique race born from the rare and mystical union of Argonian and Khajiit lineages. They bear distinctive features that blend the reptilian and feline traits of their ancestors. Siltclaws have sleek, scaled skin with patches of soft fur, particularly around their neck, limbs, and tail. Their faces are an exotic amalgamation, displaying the slitted eyes and sharp, retractable claws of a Khajiit, combined with the elongated, snout-like facial structure and finned ears reminiscent of an Argonian. This combination gives them an otherworldly appearance.

Speciality: Stealth and Adaptation

Stealth Mastery: Inheriting the natural agility and stealth of their Khajiit parents, along with the Argonian’s adeptness in silent movement, the Siltclaws are unparalleled in their stealth capabilities. This makes them exceptional thieves, assassins, and scouts.

Adaptive Physiology: Drawing from the Argonian’s connection to the Hist and the Khajiit’s survival instincts, Siltclaws have a unique ability to adapt their physiological traits to various environments. This means they can breathe underwater and possess a degree of resistance to both diseases and poisons, similar to Argonians, while also having enhanced night vision and agility, akin to Khajiits.

Fighting Style

Siltclaws favor guerrilla tactics in combat, leveraging their stealth and agility to strike from the shadows before retreating to safety. They are proficient in dual-wielding, combining the use of a short blade or dagger in one hand with the natural weapons provided by their sharp claws in the other. This fighting style emphasizes speed, precision, and the element of surprise over brute force.


  • Exceptional Stealth: Their combined heritage makes them more adept at moving unseen than nearly any other race.
  • Environmental Adaptability: Can survive and thrive in a wide range of environments, from swamps to deserts.
  • Versatile Combatants: Effective in a variety of combat roles, particularly those requiring agility and cunning.


  • Social Outcasts: Their mixed heritage often leaves them on the fringes of both Argonian and Khajiit societies, as well as being mistrusted by other races.
  • Physical Strength: While agile, they may lack the raw physical strength of more robust races like Nords or Orcs.
  • Mystical Disconnection: Despite their Argonian lineage, Siltclaws have a weaker connection to the Hist, limiting their ability to draw upon its power. Similarly, their spiritual and cultural connections to Khajiit moon phases and related beliefs are diluted.

The Siltclaws represent a fascinating addition to the racial tapestry of Tamriel, bringing with them new stories, challenges, and abilities that would enrich the gameplay and lore of The Elder Scrolls universe.

The Lusty Argonian maid

In the bustling city of Stormhold, nestled within the murky swamps of Shadowfen, there lived a curious Argonian maid named Sulah. Sulah was not like the other maidens in the city; she possessed a charm and allure that drew the attention of many. Her scales shimmered with a unique luster, and her eyes sparkled like the gems of Tamriel.

One day, Sulah found herself in the service of a wealthy Altmer merchant named Elandil, who had recently established a grand manor on the outskirts of Stormhold. Elandil was known for his exquisite taste in art and his extensive collection of rare artifacts from across Tamriel. Sulah’s duties involved maintaining the manor and ensuring that everything was in perfect order.

As the days passed, Elandil found himself captivated by Sulah’s grace and beauty. He couldn’t resist the allure of the lusty Argonian maid, and soon enough, he began to express his feelings to her. Sulah, however, was no stranger to the ways of the world and knew how to handle such situations.

One evening, as the moons hung low in the sky, Elandil invited Sulah to a private gathering in his opulent study. The room was adorned with priceless treasures, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of rare perfumes. Elandil, adorned in elaborate robes, approached Sulah with a glint of desire in his eyes.

But Sulah, being the clever Argonian that she was, had anticipated this moment. She began to regale Elandil with tales of her adventures across Tamriel, weaving stories of intrigue and mystery. Her words painted vivid images in Elandil’s mind, distracting him from his desires and creating a connection that went beyond mere physical attraction.

As the night unfolded, Elandil found himself enthralled by Sulah’s storytelling prowess. The lust that had initially consumed him transformed into a genuine admiration for the Argonian maid’s intellect and charm. In the end, Sulah left the Altmer with a new perspective, teaching him that there was more to desire than mere physicality.

And so, the lusty Argonian maid continued her duties in the manor, leaving a trail of captivated hearts and enchanted minds in her wake. Tales of Sulah’s adventures and her ability to turn the tides of desire with her wit and wisdom spread across Stormhold, making her a legend in her own right within the mysterious world of Elder Scrolls Online.

The Argonians

Origins and Biology: The Argonians are believed to have been created by the Hist trees. The Hist’s role in their creation remains shrouded in mystery, but it’s clear that the Hist have had a profound impact on their development. Argonians are uniquely suited to the swamps and waterways of Black Marsh. Their scaly skin provides natural protection, while webbed hands and feet make them agile swimmers. Their most intriguing biological feature is their respiratory system, which allows them to breathe underwater for extended periods, making them skilled underwater hunters.

Hist Connection: The connection between Argonians and the Hist is deeply spiritual. The Hist serve as more than just biological parents; they are seen as caretakers and guides. The Argonians share a telepathic bond with the Hist, allowing them to communicate and receive visions. In times of great need or crisis, the Hist can even empower the Argonians, granting them unique abilities. This bond is at the core of Argonian identity, and they often act on the guidance of the Hist.

Black Marsh: Black Marsh is a vast, swampy province with a dark, mysterious atmosphere. The region is challenging to navigate for outsiders, primarily due to the complex terrain, the presence of dangerous creatures, and the ever-watchful eyes of the Argonians. The Hist trees are scattered throughout the province, each tied to a specific Argonian tribe. The trees serve as both spiritual centers and sources of communal guidance for the tribes. Explorers, especially non-Argonians, often find themselves lost or in peril in the treacherous swamps.

Society and Culture: Argonian society is organized into tribes, each led by a chieftain and bound by a strong sense of community. The tribes are based around a specific Hist tree, which acts as the focal point for their culture. The Argonians believe that their tribes are extensions of their Hist tree, and their actions are in service to its guidance. Cooperation and unity are highly valued, and decisions are often made collectively. This communal lifestyle contributes to their strength and adaptability in the harsh environment of Black Marsh.

Lore and Religion: Argonian religion is a unique blend of beliefs. The Hist are at the center, revered as divine beings. Argonians believe that their souls return to the Hist upon death, and this cycle is integral to their spirituality. They also acknowledge a pantheon of deities, with a strong emphasis on Sithis, the god of chaos and change. Within Argonian society, there exists a secretive group known as the Shadowscales, who are born under the sign of the Shadow and serve Sithis as assassins.

History and Interactions: Throughout their history, the Argonians have faced numerous challenges and invasions. The most notable was the conflict with the Dunmer (Dark Elves), who once enslaved Argonians. During the Oblivion Crisis, the Argonians played a significant role in repelling the Daedric invasion. Their adaptability and resilience have enabled them to overcome these adversities and maintain their unique culture.

The lore of the Argonians is a fascinating blend of biological uniqueness, spiritual connection with the Hist, and a vibrant culture rooted in the challenging environment of Black Marsh. Exploring their history and interactions within the Elder Scrolls universe reveals a rich tapestry of storytelling and world-building.