The Khajiit

Origins and Biology:

The Khajiit are a humanoid feline race with a wide range of physical forms. Unlike most races in Tamriel, their appearance and abilities are heavily influenced by the phases of Nirn’s two moons, Masser and Secunda. The phases of the moons determine the Khajiit’s birth and physical characteristics.

  • Alfiq: The smallest and most housecat-like Khajiit.
  • Dagi: Slightly larger than Alfiq, with more agility and stealth.
  • Dunmeri: Resemble Elves in size and shape.
  • Suthay: Agile, similar to typical Khajiit, often seen as burglars and acrobats.
  • Cathay: Resemble humans but with a tail and feline eyes.
  • Ohmes: Barely distinguishable from humans, resembling Wood Elves.
  • Ohmes-Raht: A blend of Ohmes and Suthay, with some feline features.
  • Senche: Resemble large bipedal cats, serving as mounts and heavy laborers.
  • Senche-Raht: Massive and powerful, often used as war mounts.


The homeland of the Khajiit, Elsweyr, is a diverse and arid province, ranging from dense forests to arid deserts. It is separated into two regions: Anequina in the north and Pelletine in the south. These regions have different political structures and histories.

Culture and Society:

Khajiit society is diverse, and their culture reflects their adaptability. They often live in clans, each with a unique way of life. Their culture is strongly influenced by the moon phases that determine their physical form and abilities. Khajiit value agility, stealth, and dexterity, making them excellent thieves and acrobats.


The Khajiit worship a pantheon of gods, with a strong focus on the divine trickster deity, Rajhin. Moon sugar, a substance derived from moon cane, is central to their religious practices. Moon sugar is not only a sacred substance but also a valuable trade commodity.

Moon Sugar and Skooma:

Moon sugar is integral to Khajiit culture. It is used in their religious ceremonies and can be found in various food and drink products. It is also used to produce Skooma, an illegal narcotic in the broader Tamrielic context. Skooma is highly addictive and is often associated with crime and addiction in other provinces.

Trade and Diplomacy:

The Khajiit are known for their prowess in trade and diplomacy. They have strong ties to the Thalmor, the governing body of the Aldmeri Dominion. The Thalmor have a vested interest in Elsweyr and its moon sugar trade, and this political connection has influenced Khajiit society.

Historical Interactions:

The Khajiit have had a complex history of interactions with other races. They have been involved in various conflicts and alliances, often driven by their trade and diplomacy. Elsweyr has experienced invasions and occupations, notably by the Tiber Septim’s Empire.

In summary, the Khajiit are a complex and diverse race with a rich culture deeply influenced by the phases of the moons and their unique homeland of Elsweyr. Their adaptability, both physically and culturally, has allowed them to thrive in the diverse environments of Tamriel and play important roles in its history and politics. The lore of the Khajiit adds depth and intrigue to The Elder Scrolls universe.