Stealthy Chicken Caper

In the heart of the Black Marsh, a group of adventurous Argonians known as “The Scaled Sneaks” had a wild idea one moonless night. They were infamous for their daring escapades, usually involving stealing rare artifacts and pulling pranks on the unsuspecting citizens of Lilmoth. But tonight, they had set their sights on an unusual target – a seemingly ordinary chicken.

It all began with Hiss-Me-Quick, the mastermind of the group, who believed that this chicken held the secret to untold riches. Or, as his fellow Argonians believed, he might have just had one too many sips of hist sap that evening. With tails held high and hushed giggles, the Scaled Sneaks approached the unsuspecting farm where the chicken resided.

The plan was simple: Slither-Quick would distract the farmer, Skalesnake would sneak up and grab the chicken, and Hiss-Me-Quick would make the daring escape. But as they soon discovered, chickens are more cunning than they seem. As Slither-Quick began to perform a ridiculous dance to keep the farmer’s attention, Skalesnake tried to grab the chicken, but it let out a loud, raucous squawk that could’ve woken the dead. The farmer turned around, brandishing a pitchfork.

group of argonians from elder scrolls 7 fandom

With feathers flying and clucking echoing through the night, the Argonians fled in all directions. Hiss-Me-Quick, still clutching the squawking chicken, ran into a nearby guard who promptly arrested him for attempted poultry theft. The others fared no better, as the chaos attracted the attention of more guards, and they too ended up behind bars.

The next morning, the Argonians found themselves imprisoned in a dank cell, sharing it with a host of thieves, pickpockets, and a rather rowdy group of mudcrab smugglers. They couldn’t help but chuckle at the absurdity of their situation.

As they languished in their cells, they realized that perhaps there were no riches hidden within the chicken, but the adventure itself was the true treasure. Laughter echoed through the jail as the Argonians recounted their escapade to their fellow inmates.

The “Stealthy Chicken Caper,” as it came to be known, became a legendary tale in the Black Marsh, a story shared with wide grins and hearty laughter by all who heard it. The Scaled Sneaks may not have stolen the chicken, but they’d certainly earned their reputation as the most comically unsuccessful thieves in the realm.