The bretons

Origins and Biology:

Bretons are a human-elf hybrid race, often referred to as “Manmer” due to their mixed ancestry. They are descendants of the intermingling of Nedic humans and Aldmer (High Elves). This unique heritage gives them a blend of human and elven traits, including a talent for magic.

High Rock:

High Rock is the ancestral homeland of the Bretons, and it is known for its diversity in geography and culture. The province is a patchwork of small kingdoms, city-states, and fiefdoms, each with its own unique customs and traditions. The political landscape of High Rock is often marked by feuds, alliances, and shifting loyalties among its many noble houses.

Culture and Society:

Breton culture is a vibrant tapestry of influences from their Nedic, Elven, and Nordic heritage. They are known for their creativity, artistic talents, and a deep appreciation for magic. Many Bretons are skilled mages and are adept at spellcasting, enchanting, and alchemy.


The Bretons predominantly follow the Eight Divines, a pantheon of gods and goddesses commonly revered throughout the Empire of Tamriel. However, there are regional variations in their religious practices, and some Bretons also worship local deities.

Covenant of Daggerfall:

The Covenant of Daggerfall is a political and military alliance formed by the Bretons of High Rock, the Redguards of Hammerfell, and the Orcs (Orsimer) of Orsinium. It was created to provide mutual protection against external threats and has played a significant role in the politics of the region.

Magic and Mysticism:

Bretons have a strong affinity for magic. This magical aptitude is often attributed to their elven ancestry. The Bretons have produced many powerful mages and enchanters throughout Tamriel’s history. Some believe that their mixed heritage has given them a unique connection to the magical forces of the world.

Historical Interactions:

Bretons have been involved in various historical conflicts and alliances. Their close proximity to the Orcs has sometimes led to tensions and wars, while their relations with the Redguards have seen both periods of cooperation and strife. High Rock has also been subject to invasions by other Tamrielic powers, including the Nords of Skyrim and the Imperials of Cyrodiil.

In summary, the Bretons are a versatile and complex race with a rich cultural and political history. Their unique heritage, a blend of human and elven blood, has resulted in a deep connection to magic and an ability to adapt to the dynamic political landscape of High Rock. The Bretons add depth and diversity to The Elder Scrolls lore and are known for their role as talented spellcasters and diplomats.

Bretons of Bounty: The Rise of the Dwemer Treasurers

In the land of Tamriel, nestled between the towering mountains of Skyrim and the lush forests of Valenwood, two Bretons named Alaric and Seraphine embarked on a grand adventure that would forever change their lives.

Alaric, a skilled mage with an affinity for conjuration, and Seraphine, a nimble rogue with a talent for picking locks, met in the bustling city of Daggerfall. Drawn together by their shared thirst for riches and gold, they decided to leave the comfort of the city behind and seek their fortunes in the uncharted territories of Hammerfell.

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Their journey began with high hopes and gleaming dreams, but the path was fraught with misfortune. Early on, they faced bandit attacks, treacherous terrain, and scarce provisions. Yet, the duo’s unwavering determination and complementary skills allowed them to overcome these obstacles.

As they ventured deeper into the Alik’r Desert, they stumbled upon an ancient Dwemer ruin. With Alaric’s magical prowess and Seraphine’s keen perception, they entered the underground labyrinth. There, they discovered a cache of Dwemer relics and enchanted artifacts. These treasures not only held immense value but also revealed forgotten secrets of the ancient Dwarves. The two Bretons realized that this discovery could make them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Their excitement was short-lived, however, as they encountered a powerful Dwemer guardian, a mechanical monstrosity guarding the heart of the ruins. Alaric’s magic clashed with the guardian’s formidable defenses, and Seraphine’s agility allowed her to dodge its deadly attacks. In a climactic battle, the guardian was defeated, but not without cost. Alaric’s magical staff was shattered, and Seraphine suffered a deep gash across her side.

Undaunted by their injuries, they retrieved the Dwemer treasures and emerged from the ruins, limping and bruised. They soon realized that the relics they’d uncovered were not only valuable in gold but also in knowledge. Scholars from across Tamriel paid handsomely for their findings, and Alaric and Seraphine became famous for their exploits.

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Using their newfound wealth, they founded a trading company specializing in rare and exotic goods from all corners of Tamriel. Alaric’s magical talents and Seraphine’s clever business acumen transformed them into prosperous merchants, known throughout the land as “The Breton Treasurers.” Their trading empire grew, and they expanded into new territories, amassing riches beyond imagination.

Through a combination of skill, determination, and a bit of luck, Alaric and Seraphine turned their initial misfortunes into a tale of legendary success. They journeyed through the land of Tamriel in search of riches and gold and found something far more valuable – a bond of friendship and partnership that made them the wealthiest and most respected Bretons in the realm.