I asked Chat GPT what elder scrolls 7 would be like and this is what i got

  1. Graphics and Technology: It’s safe to assume that The Elder Scrolls 7 would likely feature improved graphics and take full advantage of next-generation gaming technology, offering even more immersive and visually stunning worlds.
  2. Game World: Bethesda is known for creating vast open worlds, so TES 7 would likely feature an even larger and more diverse game world. Players may explore new provinces of Tamriel or even venture to entirely new lands.
  3. Character Customization: Character customization is a hallmark of the series, and TES 7 would likely expand on this, providing even more options for players to create their ideal characters.
  4. Improved AI: Bethesda would likely work on enhancing the AI for NPCs and creatures, making the in-game world feel more alive and dynamic.
  5. Story and Quests: Expect a deep and engaging main story with numerous side quests, factions, and choices that impact the game world. The narrative and lore of the Elder Scrolls universe would continue to be a central focus.
  6. Combat and Magic: Combat and magic systems would likely be refined and possibly overhauled, offering more diverse and satisfying gameplay experiences. This could include new spells, abilities, and combat mechanics.
  7. Virtual Reality: Given the increasing popularity of VR gaming, there’s a possibility that The Elder Scrolls 7 could support virtual reality, offering an even more immersive experience for players.
  8. Multiplayer: Bethesda may consider incorporating more extensive multiplayer features, potentially building on the success of The Elder Scrolls Online. This could range from cooperative play to large-scale online multiplayer modes.
  9. Modding Support: Bethesda is known for its strong modding community, and it’s likely they’ll continue to support user-generated content in The Elder Scrolls 7, possibly even integrating modding tools into the base game.
  10. Technical Improvements: Expect faster loading times, improved performance, and reduced bugs and glitches, as the gaming industry continues to advance in these areas.

And these would be the bugs 😀

  1. Levitating Objects: Occasionally, objects or characters may defy gravity and float in the air, leading to strange and comical situations. Imagine an entire village’s worth of cheese wheels suspended in mid-air.
  2. Ragdoll Physics Gone Wild: Physics engines can sometimes produce hilarious results. Characters might have overly exaggerated ragdoll physics, causing them to flop around like ragdolls in an overly dramatic fashion.
  3. Giant-Sized Characters: A classic bug is when characters or creatures become massively oversized. You might encounter a giant mudcrab terrorizing the countryside or a dragon that fills the entire screen.
  4. Teleporting NPCs: NPCs might randomly teleport from one location to another. This can lead to absurd situations where you’re talking to a character in a village, and the next moment, they’re in the middle of a remote forest.
  5. Invisible Characters: Characters who become invisible except for their floating eyes and weapons. You might hear footsteps and see weapons floating in the air, but nothing else.
  6. Dialogue Mix-Up: Dialogue lines from different characters get mixed up, leading to nonsensical conversations. Imagine discussing the fate of the world with a shopkeeper who thinks you’re trying to haggle over the price of a sweetroll.
  7. Nonsensical AI Behavior: NPCs may exhibit bizarre AI behavior, like running in circles, getting stuck in walls, or attempting to swim on dry land. Comical traffic jams and other odd scenarios can result.
  8. Flying Horses: The classic “flying horse” bug, where horses decide they’re birds and start soaring through the skies, carrying you along for the ride.
  9. Quest Item Duplication: Quest-related items might replicate themselves endlessly in your inventory. You could find yourself carrying hundreds of quest-specific swords, each more legendary than the last.
  10. Time Traveling NPCs: NPCs may suddenly age or de-age rapidly, turning from elderly to children or vice versa. It’s like a strange time-travel soap opera in the game world.
  11. Mega Jumping: Characters or creatures that can jump extremely high into the sky or across entire landscapes. It’s like having your own personal rocket launcher.